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 HomeAir  turns a crying house in to a happy home.

Many New Zealand houses have good insulation and sufficient heating – but still have major problems with moisture. Moisture is the core cause of unhealthy mould and condensation in our houses. How damp is your house?

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What We Do

HomeAir NZ is a Christchurch-based company specialising in the supply & install of heating, ventilation and extraction systems. We have friendly and professional qualified technicians who comply with Healthy Home Standards.

Heat Pumps / Air Conditioning Units

We have a range of heat pump solutions from various trusted brands which we supply & install.

Extraction Fans

We have a range of extractor fan solutions from various trusted brands which we supply & install.


We have a range of ventilation and heat recovery solutions from various trusted brands which we supply & install.

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Top 8 Causes of Moisture in the Home

Thousands of people around New Zealand like Mary, above, live in homes with mould and moisture damage – endangering their health.



This Building Code clause requires buildings to be constructed to avoid fungal growth and excessive moisture.  

Its provisions relate to habitable spaces, bathrooms, laundries and other spaces where moisture may be generated or accumulate.

The 3-Tiered Solution To Damp Homes


The control of the inside temperature of a house. 


The exchange of indoor and outdoor air, and moving clean, warm air around a house.



The removal of damp and dirty air from inside a house to the outside.

Each home or office space is different and will usually require a combined solution to create a healthy living space.

At HomeAir NZ, we provide tailored solutions for the specific needs of kiwis with damp homes.

Renee & Justin

“Our main problem was how wet the windows were. And not just a little bit damp, but soaking wet every morning. A lot of black mould growing around the windows, and a lot of mould on our curtains. Every year year I would spray them to get rid of the mould, and every year it would come back. The mould has eaten away the paint as well around the windows.

Every morning we have to open the windows up, even when it’s -2, -3 degrees outside, just to try and air the house out.

We were a bit skeptical about it [HomeAir HVE system], because we had a similar system in Auckland that didn’t really do anything, and that house had double glazing, but it still had moisture on the windows. We’d looked in to things like DVS and HRV and all of those. HomeAir solutions were really good, once they told us about these [HVE] options, and we started looking at them we thought well actually if that thing is forcing air around the house, it’ll probably be a lot better.

It’s just incredible. The difference is just unbelievable.”


“We were having a baby soon, so we wanted to make sure we had a healthy home for our family. We already had good insulation and heating – it was just the moisture causing problems. We did some research and realized we had no ventilation system at all – opening windows wasn’t enough, and way too cold in winter anyway! So we called HomeAir to come and assess our home for the perfect solution. It took them just one day to install the HVE into our home and run tests to make sure the system was working properly. It was amazing – the results were instant! By the next day both myself and my wife had noticed an immediate and obvious difference. I highly recommend this small investment in to kiwi homes – I can’t believe we didn’t do it earlier!”


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